Experiencing the world of art in Washington D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland, with Page Zekonis, opened my son’s mind to the tremendous variety and diversity of art in the world. It taught him how to see the impacts of art in the human community, and how non-artists can find freedom in expressing themselves through a visual medium. Taking the trip with Page, allowed him to share in a community of artists in several different ways. First with their traveling student group, assessing, analyzing, critiquing, and creating art within a safe and nurturing environment. Second, with a community of college-age art students, taking part in classes, getting the feel for what it might be like to study and create art at that level. And third, discovering the world of practicing artists who invited Page’s group to explore the magic of their private studios and the stories behind their lives as artists. This unique experience to understand and be part of the process and manifestation of art in the world is invaluable. Children cannot get that experience at a classroom desk. Traveling with Page allows students to be artists in the world of art that can only serve to inspire them to go further, to use their talents to seek that place they can call their own. Thank you, Page!