What our clients say…

Experiencing the world of art in Washington D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland, with Page Zekonis, opened my son's mind to the tremendous variety and diversity of art in the world. It taught him how to see the impacts of art in the human community, and how non-artists can find freedom in expressing themselves through a visual medium. Taking the trip with Page, allowed him to share in a community of artists in several different ways. First with their traveling student group, assessing, analyzing, critiquing, and creating art within a safe and nurturing environment. Second, with a community of college-age art students, taking part in classes, getting the feel for what it might be like to study and create art at that level. And third, discovering the world of practicing artists who invited Page's group to explore the magic of their private studios and the stories behind their lives as artists. This unique experience to understand and be part of the process and manifestation of art in the world is invaluable. Children cannot get that experience at a classroom desk. Traveling with Page allows students to be artists in the world of art that can only serve to inspire them to go further, to use their talents to seek that place they can call their own. Thank you, Page!


The Baltimore/DC art trip proved to be an extraordinary experience for my daughter, Jadakai. It was above and beyond our hopes and expectations in terms of introducing and exposing her to a myriad of different kinds of art, mediums, and artists. The trip was also perfect in that my daughter had the opportunity to feel her independence, and have her “own experience” of being away from home. She had the opportunity to connect with other youth that she didn’t know prior to the trip, and set the seeds for some deep rooted friendships to grow. I can’t recommend this program enough! Our hearts are filled with gratitude for Page.


Going to another city for the sole purpose of exploring art was very eye opening for me, and I learned a lot about a place from its artistic expression and history. This experience of going to various museums galleries, and meeting artists really valuable. As someone who is trying to figure out their future after high school, spending time in an art school or with people who work every day in art for their career was really interesting and helped me gain a new perspective on how art can impact me and my life.


My daughter participated in Page’s Santa Fe Spring Break art trip and it was a truly exceptional experience. In addition to being well organized and packed with interesting activities, participants were also given the time and resources to ignite their own creativity in a supportive, safe group environment. My daughter returned from Santa Fe inspired and full of life! Page is an artist, teacher and above all, someone who is genuinely passionate about sharing her brilliance with our community’s youth. This kind of rare combination is an amazing gift to our community and not to be missed!


My daughter started attending Open Window Studio at 7 years old, and has continued to take after school classes and enjoy summer camps. She loves art and was encouraged by Page to create her own art. I can't say enough about the engaging hands-on instruction and mentoring she has received. We are absolutely thrilled watching her artistic abilities blossom and seeing her grow confidant as an artist and a person.

Erik Flatland

Page does more than teach art; she teaches her students how to see the world like artists. Through this lens, anything is possible.

Amanda Jackson

I love the feel and vibe of this studio. Paige and Sue are the most amazing people and work so very hard to create an amazing experience for those kids.

Nancy C.

A supportive and creative environment to explore!

Gavin G.

The instructors, the space, the pace, EVERYTHING. Best possible art camp you could hope for!

Mara G.

Everything! The instructor was extremely engaging and hands on. She made it a wonderful experience for my daughter

Stephanie H.

It's a wonderful class. Page Zekonis is a great teacher and has done a tremendous job teaching remotely. The class has a fantastic hands-on feel, even though we are all working online. It's the highlight of my week!

William K.

Calm, intentional instruction.

Lourdes M.

Love the one on one time as well as taking time to admire and appreciate ea other people's art work. Project was fun and individually creative. Group fun. Instructor directed well with calm supportive demeanor. Would recommend this class. Enjoyable.

Susan M.

The open creativity and gentle guidance.

Diane H.