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Meet Page

Page Zekonis created Open Window Studio in 2003 with the intention of teaching a few art classes out of her painting studio. She has since developed studio programs for all ages and an art-focused travel program for youth.

When I created Open Window Studio I had no idea that teaching would grow into a passion that is as strong for me as my passion for making art. The two are now inextricably linked. I love helping people of all ages find their creative voices and have grown as both a person and an artist by doing so.

Over the years, I have become especially interested in working with middle and high school students and have developed an art program specifically for this age group. In addition to Guided Open Studio classes, I am now offering week-long art excursions to other cities. In 2019, we will visit Washington, DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Santa Fe.

An integral part of Open Window Studio is my collaboration with ceramic artist, Sue Allman. In 2005 we co-founded Open Hands Art. It began as a summer art camp (Open Hands Art Camp) and has now grown into a collaboration of after school art classes, all day art classes and adult classes.

I have a BFA in photography (Rochester Institute of Technology,1981)  and an MFA in painting/mixed media (Maryland Art Institute, 1991) as well as an MA in counseling/art therapy. You can see my artwork at www.pagezekonis.net.

Please feel free to contact me with your thoughts and ideas. I would love to hear from you!