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art classes for all

art classes & guided open studios

After school art and all day art classes are designed not only to teach the fundamental elements of art and the history of art,but to encourage each child to explore their own ideas and creative intuition. All of our classes emphasize creative experimentation in a safe, collaborative and fun environment.

for middle & high school students

Programs for middle and high schoolers are designed to offer students the freedom to explore their own creative ideas and passions in an open studio environment, as well as to introduce them to well known and contemporary artists through trips to art galleries and museums. Join Page and a group of like-minded students for a drawing and painting classes, a guided open studio time or an art-away trips to another city.

explore your ideas in a supportive and relaxed environment with access to both the painting/mixed media studio and the clay studio. You may choose to immerse yourself in the discovery process and alternate between the studios, or work on a more sustained project of your choosing.

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