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art-away excursions

art-focused travel for middle and high school students

We travel for art!

Are you passionate about art, adventure, travel? Join Page and a group of like-minded students on an adventure to another city to explore local museums, galleries and art schools and create your own art inspired by all you see.

art-away highlights

  • Immerse yourself in the art world of another city.
  • Explore world famous art museums & out of the spotlight art galleries.
  • Visit an artist’s studio for insight into the artist’s process.
  • Tour an art school and participate in a college art class.
  • Stay in a comfortable private home with home cooked meals.
  • Create your own artwork inspired by all you see.

upcoming Art Away trips

July 14 – 21:
Santa Fe, NM

March 21-28, 2020
Washington D.C. & Baltimore, MD

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