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Meet Jill

Jill Ryerson has had her hands in clay and her head in education for most of her adult life.  

Her passion for clay began in elementary school when she couldn’t wait for the art teacher to start the next clay project.  This passion grew as the teenaged-Jill experienced wheel-throwing for the first time.  Once she was hooked, Jill’s study of clay progressed through college and beyond.  

Jill has a degree in Visual Arts and Mathematics from Brown University (with clay coursework at the Rhode Island School of Design).  She furthered her study of clay as an apprentice at the Rochester Folk Art Guild and through classes at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, the Arvada Center, The Firehouse Art Center and the Boulder Potters Guild.  Jill was a member of the Boulder Potters’ Guild for a number of years.  There she served on the board, sold her work at the sales, and taught adult wheel throwing classes.  In 2018 Jill started Bluebird Art Studio with a friend and experienced the joy of offering joint parent/child classes.  

In addition to her work in clay, Jill has over twenty years of experience teaching children as a math teacher, tutor, and homeschool parent.  She has a Masters Degree in Education in curriculum and instruction from the University of Colorado.   When working with children, Jill views her role as a guide to help them find creativity, discover their passions, and build confidence.  After many years of teaching, Jill continues to delight in the many ways she can learn and grow by spending time with children.

Jill is excited to return to the studio and once again offer classes for kids and adults.   She envisions a space where kids and adults can slow down in their busy lives, feel the energy that emerges from being creative, and experience the comfort that comes from being in community.