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A Day at Camp

A place where children create art and community together.

At Open Hands Art Camp we celebrate summer!

Each morning we begin our day with a community circle on blankets under the apple tree.  During this time we may share our ideas and artwork from the previous day, brainstorm emerging ideas, draw in our sketchbooks, read aloud a poem or story, play a game or just gently wake up our creative selves by watching the clouds float by.  Often we munch on sweet peas and carrots from the garden and dodge apples as they fall from the tree.

After circle we break into two groups. One works with Page or Chloe in either the art room or outdoor studio in paint and mixed media. The other works with Sue or Catharine in the clay studio. (This summer we are bringing the clay studio outdoors). Our wonderful assistants, Eithne and Rebecca, float between the two groups offering support and creative ideas to all.

We come together at midday for lunch and free time. Lunch is picnic style on a blanket in the yard, in the tree house or in the apple tree. During this time we also play games and share our work with each other. Yes, the studios are closed for the hour so we can all have some down time!

After lunch we return to our two groups. Those who painted in the morning switch to clay and those who worked with clay in the morning switch to paint. We end each day with a closing circle and a chance to share all that we have worked on.

As the week progresses and ideas and creations develop, our groups become more flexible to accommodate any unfinished projects.  On Friday afternoon we have a show and a celebration for families and friends and campers.